Doodle Here
Hendra Lesmono
Executive Creative D...
Bates Asia
Playgroup is like a little car with surprisingly big engine. Kinda like herbie with more colors.
Joseph Tan
Chief Executive Officer
Lowe Indonesia
Over and beyond their proven strategic and creative abilities, what I admire about Playgroup is that they are a rare breed of agency that is still pure, sincere and has lots of soul.
P/S : and also...I sleep with one of the founders (the better looking one ya) once in a while....okay I lied.....
Anton Ardiantoro
Managing Partner
Activate Media Nusantara
Sangat kreatif, berpikir out of the box, kerjanya cepet karena masih muda muda...dan yang paling penting mau bekerja 25 jam sehari untuk kepentingan sebuah brand.
Jessica The
Product Marketing
PT. Sony Indonesia
Love working with these guys...we worked as partners, having a two-way communication, not merely obeying what the client wanted. They gave guidance, direction and they fought for what they believe. That how a true agency should be.. I enjoyed very much this mutually beneficial relationship.
Elia Widianto
Planning Group Head
Activate Media Nusantara
Playgroup selalu bisa mendeliver kebutuhan brand dan klien baik dari sisi kreatif, flexibility, cermat dan cepat.
Andre Palmer
Commercial Director
Orange Waterland
Playful, out of the box, simple, passionate and caring.... even the name PLAYGROUP says it all. I'm always waiting for a phone call from them to be brief for the next job hahahahaa.... they makes advertising fun....
Lukitasari ...
Commercial Director
Square Box
When the name Playgroup mentioned, the word passionate, tremendous drive, creative, clever, witty come to my mind. Yes that's Playgroup.
They understand their clients, and the brands in true sense. It is always great and fun working with them. If there is an agency who walk with me hand in ha...
Dony Satriaputra
Account Director
Cheil Worldwide (Samsung)
If you wanna raise your brands, like you raise your children, send them to the Playgroup.
Rani Sundjojo
Ex Sr. Creative
When I was a Playgrouper, I don't feel like I was working at all. It's mainly because we're having so much fun.
It was all wonderful! Miss you guys :(
Angelin Muliadi
Card Branding and Ma...
Bank Danamon Indonesia
My experience was with Carousel (sister design company of Playgroup). Carousel team is very good in terms of managing timeline and quite flexible in adapting to changes.
The team is ready to 'make it happen' and provided full support. The creative output was fresh and unique, it answered the ...
Yuwono Widodo
Creative Director
Ogilvy Jakarta
Playgroup kerjaannya bagus-bagus dan lucu-lucu. Segar dan mengejutkan. Namanya Playgroup tapi hasil kerjaannya seperti sarjana lho...
Advertising and CR M...
Indofood Nutrition
Playgroupers are like my soulmates. They know the very best for you and your brand.
Sim F
Commercial Director
25 Frames
Playgroup = weird but creative
Asih Dewayani
Executive Producer
25 Frames
Playgroup is a place where we can play, it is more or less a playground to me. I remembered back in 2004 when we had our very first meeting in their office, we had such fun together... we collaborated on every single ideas. B%26B couple is like the Yin %26 Yang combination, and they live their li...
Andi Sadha
Managing Partner
Activate Media Nusantara
From the moment I learned about these boys forming their own creative shop, I knew that together we were going to create great campaigns for our clients.
Their enthusiasm, wild ideas and most importantly, their understanding of working in close partnership with both the client and us - as the ...
Andy Adrian
Marketing Manager
Indonesia AirAsia
True to its name, Playgroup is silly yet smart,
hilarious on the outside yet genius on the inside.
Gerry Guzman
Marketing Creative S...
Working with these guys is like looking inside
a kaleidoscope of ideas with two dudes constantly and continuously creating cutting edge concepts! Playful and Enigmatic! That’s Playgroup!”
Ary Juwono
Art Director TV Commerci...
Spirit NAIF yang ada pada team PLAYGROUP adalah sebuah bentuk apresiasi yang jujur dan sangat nyaman untuk di jalani ketika kita bekerja sama.
Creative Machine
Happy Bites
It's different and driven by creative soul.
Rommy Rismawan
Business Development...
Kudos CreativeActivities
Great Website you have guys!
Wahyu Sant
Art Director
Playgroup works are very fresh and funny. Playgroup in my opinion, inspires consumer advertising agencies and advertising people. Maybe someday I could work at Playgroup as well. :P Thumbs for Playgroup.
Art Director
I really like your works. Especially on TVC. Playgroup always comes up with fresh ideas. Bravo Playgroup!
Account Manager
PT Onehub Solution
hello kawan2... gw suka bgt nih sama web kalian. So kreatif...
Amin Siregar
Tool Keeper
GMF Aero Asia
Creativity that grows not given...
Wiwin Tan
Art Director
Bintang Pratama
Nice!!! iseng2 buka webnya... ternyata isi konsep sesuai namanya, serasa kembali ke masa playgroup dulu.
Alvian Ajib
Wau... Web nya kreatif dan unik dach. Tidak membosankan bagi pengunjungnya.... Muantab dach.
Andreas Wijaya
Front-end Developer
unyuuuuuu website nya!!!
Radio Mara 106,7fm Bandung
awalnyaaa lama2 asikk dan unik website ini..berasa bermain di taman kanak-kanak..))
Aisa Utomo
IISIP Jakarta
Habi Fadilah
Univ. Persada Indonesia...
wahahahaah...Great thinks..websitenya beda dari yg lain..creative sangad..good job for Playgroup team
Teguh K Akbar
Art Director
Centric Communication
The website so fun and also love your portfolio. This is 'cretifuncircle' :)
Senior Web Designer
Keren...suka bgt
Dayang Norfariza
Senior Account Executive
Dentsu Malaysia
cute website :)
Recruitment Talent D...
Warning Talent Agency
Sukses Teruss buat Playgroup!! terus berkarya dan semakin mantap ide2nya..
Radityo Soenarto
Senior Digital Strat...
Neat website.. Well played, guys!
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